Software Localization

Software is usually designed in English, therefore, only English-speakers can make full use of it. Consequently, a significant number of costumers, who would otherwise use the software, is neglected, which translates into the loss of potentially significant profits. Localization of software allows for a wider customer base, increasing accessibility and profitability.

BeLocalized provides our clients with turn-key localization and adaptation solutions and strategies that allow costumers in the Middle East and North Africa to use and interact with software in their mother tongues.

At BeLocalized, your software goes through a strictly supervised and highly developed localization process that includes cultural, technical and linguistic analysis and assessment, creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries, text translation and revision by an experienced localizer, localization of graphics, animations, symbols and other media, documentation typesetting and layout, linguistic and functional quality assurance, project delivery, and post-delivery follow-up so that we can ensure that your software will be usable and appropriate for target customers. In order to identify how software can best be introduced to the Middle East and North African markets, our team of localizers performs a thorough technical, linguistic and cultural analysis.

We provide a full range of software localization services:

  • Resource files.
  • Graphics, images and icons.
  • Help files.
  • Read-me files.
  • User guides.
  • Audio files.
  • Packaging.
  • Warranty cards.
  • Software licenses and legal disclaimers.

  • For turnkey software localization solutions, contact us.


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