Quality assurance is an integrated process at BeLocalized in order to avoid any possible project delays and unnecessary customer frustration. At BeLocalized, we strive to comply with internationally recognized quality standards from project preparation through to completion and delivery. BeLocalized assures the quality of its services through three primary factors, i.e. people, technology and process.


Performing high quality translation begins with handpicking the right translators.

The team of translators, localizers, editors, proofreaders and DTP specialists at BeLocalized are selected and assigned based on talent, qualification and experience. All translators are native speakers of the target language holding a BA degree at least in linguistics and translation from reputable colleges and institutes. Our thorough selection process helps BeLocalized deliver a service that goes beyond our clients' expectations.

We ensure flexible resource deployment and your-usual-translator assignment.


Translation and localization services are increasingly dependent on modern information technology.

At BeLocalized, we keep making optimal use of the newest available technologies in the market for translation and desktop publishing. Our translators and localizers are well trained and versed in the use of Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools, ranging from Translation Memories (TMs) and terminology management systems to text alignment and software localization.

Bi-directional languages, such as Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, have peculiar characteristics. Consequently, challenges may sometimes arise. But, DTP specialists at BeLocalized have the know-how and experience to break through any challenges that lurk behind!


Professional people equipped with high edge technology need to act on well planned and developed process to provide quality performance.

From the first moment of communication and interaction with our clients, they will receive direct full personalized attention and care. All client requests queries and concerns are swiftly addressed to guarantee satisfaction.

Each client is assigned a project manager, who serves as the direct contact person to BeLocalized. Project managers are responsible for meeting the needs and requirements of our clients from the first contact through to delivery of the project and onwards.

Your projects go through several stages during the lead time and afterwards, beginning from project analysis and preparation, team deployment, translation, editing and proofreading to typesetting, quality assurance and feedback follow-up. To learn more about our process and quality procedures, please, contact us.

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