Multimedia Localization

The release of successful multimedia products in global markets depends on the technical compatibility of those products with the market, which includes socio-cultural characteristics of the products and availability in multiple languages. An ideally localized multimedia product is extracted, translated, re-adapted and produced from original products in a manner that replicates the original interactive experience and visual appeal for the target market and consumer.

Through our team of professional localizers, the most up-to-date technologies and cutting-edge computer-aided translation and localization tools, BeLocalized helps our customers satisfy the high demand for quality multimedia services in the Middle East and North African market.

We provide a full range of multimedia localization solutions:

  • Games.
  • E-learning applications.
  • E-training materials.
  • Product and firm presentations.
  • Interactive catalogues.

For quality multimedia localization solutions for Arabic, Farsi or Urdu, please, contact us.

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