In today's increasingly globalized world, the transfer of both goods and knowledge is occurring at a faster and faster pace; however, language barriers still exist and prove to impede such transfers. From a socio-linguistic point of view, people are more comfortable when addressed or spoken to in their native language, as well as more responsive to a product, service or message that is communicated within their cultural context. Consequently, proper translation is essential for the success of a product, service or message in a new market. However, if translation is not rendered correctly, translation mistakes can be costly, embarrassing and even catastrophic.

In light of this, BeLocalized has developed a unique core translation concept to address language requirements and make sure that the documentation of our clients' products and/or services is translated accurately and smoothly. Our dedicated professional translators, editors and proofreaders ensure that the style, tone and intent of the source text are properly conveyed. Hence, the finished document will read as if it had originally been written in the language of the target audience.

BeLocalized is strictly committed to offering the highest-quality translation services to product manufacturers, service providers, multi-language vendors (MLVs), or individual customers. BeLocalized translation services cover a diverse range of industries.

  • IT & Telecommunication.
  • Electronics & Appliances.
  • Automotive.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals.
  • Legal Documents & Patents.
  • Marketing.
  • Education & E-learning.
  • Business.
  • Customer Service.
  • Life sciences & Healthcare.
  • Publishing & Printing.
  • Military & Defense.
  • Energy & Power.
  • Entertainment & Sports.
  • Books & Humanities.
  • and more.

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