Fierce competition is unavoidable between producers, manufacturers and service providers to attract the largest portion of customers worldwide. In a multilingual and multicultural world that is increasingly interconnected, language represents a potential barrier to the success of a product, service or message. BeLocalized can assist our clients to overcome this barrier through linguistic, cultural and demographic adaptation.

With cultural discrepancies in mind, localization helps our clients effectively and easily overcome language barriers without causing any additional challenges in the target local market. Localization is thus much more than simple translation. Localization incorporates an understanding of the cultural and demographic factors of any locale into the translation, so that a company's products and services can be well-placed within a new, foreign market. BeLocalized have the solution for companies who seek to expand their business into Middle East and North African markets.

BeLocalized's professional team uses top-notch Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) and localization tools to ensure consistency and speed throughout the entire localization process. Our localization services include software localization, website localization and multimedia localization.

Localization services includes:

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